Luxury adventure


Slovenia is not on everyone’s “must” list, and Slovenians like it that way: some gems are all the more beautiful for their rarity. But for those who decide to look, there are so many facets to explore in this small country. Mountain views and alpine rivers of turquoise? Check. Toscana hillsides with ancient vineyards making sumptuous wines? Check. World-class cuisine made with local ingredients? Check! The cleanliness and order of Switzerland, the architecture of Austria, the costal warmth of Croatia and Italy, the cuisine, wine, and cycling of France – Slovenia has all these, and more. Adventure wants to take you there! Starting from Marshall Tito’s former villa with incomparable views of Lake Bled, to rafting on River Soča and award-winning gastronomy in Kobarid, to the Goriška Brda hill-top wineries that await us with open doors, you will be struck by the richness, luxury, and humanity of Slovenia. This tour absolutely sparkles…

…It’s time to discover a new gem.

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