Fly Fishing adventure

Let us introduce you to the world of FLY-FISHING FOR THE MARBLE TROUT. Of all the angling sports, fly-fishing is the most passionate among anglers worldwide. In the fishing world there really isn’t anything that is more delicate than a dry fly slowly drifting in the current, or more powerful than a tug from below the surface as the magnificent wild marble trout hits your fly! Absolutely nothing can compare to the excitement of that very first fish caught on a fly. The marble trout is renowned for its size and strength, providing a great challenge to the fishermen. Come and travel with us to Slovenia

Trip highlights:

  • Expert guides/anglers with extensive local knowledge, who go above and beyond to cater to your every need
  • Indigenous Marble Trout
  • Dining in Hiša Franko World’s best female chef Ana Roš in 2017
  • Hidden fishing spots with unforgettable ​fishing (fly fishing or lure fishing)
  • Slovene culinary experience
  • Region’s finest boutique accommodations and restaurants
  • Lesser known yet excellent wines with great depth, thanks to the warm days and Opoka soil

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