Adventure Slovenia is the most knowledgeable, comprehensive and diversified host I’ve found in their wonderful country! You can depend on them to show you exactly what you want to see and experience (eat, drink and be merry!). Also, deep knowledge and roots in Slovenian culture.

Rick Flower, Kentucky, USA

Slovenja, Hvala! Thank you Adventure Slovenia for one of the best trips of my life. Beautiful country, amazing wine, savoury cuisine, and wonderful people. I can’t say enough good things about my stay in Slovenia. Slovenia truly is the secret gem of Europe. Se vidimo.

Johnny Sollazzo, Montreal

We can’t recommend Slovenia highly enough. The country has it all- beautiful scenery, great food, fantastic wine, charming towns and unique outdoor experiences. The absolutely BEST way to see it is with Adventure Slovenia. We hiked, climbed to waterfalls, biked through vineyards and had lots of laughs every step of the way. Bine treated us like family, took us to the best restaurants, introduced us to friends, adjusted our program to suit individual interests along the way and most importantly, was uncompromising on safety. I can’t recommend he and his company enough. Don’t miss this amazing country and be sure to travel with Adventure Slovenia.

Betty Ann H. Toronto, Canada

We used Adventure Slovenia for our group of six because of their responsiveness when I initially contacted them as well as the well-planned itinerary they created for us. I was very pleased with our trip on every level and found our guide Jure to be fun-loving, well-connected and eager-to-please. He encouraged me to travel to see my cousins, drove us there, translated and was wonderful interacting with my family. He suggested a favorite restaurant in Ljubljana and it was terrific. We had some fantastic, reasonably-priced meals, we stayed in some great places and saw gorgeous scenery. Lastly, the Slovenian people are wonderful. I plan to return with friends and or family. Thanks Jure.

Marla M. San Francisco, USA

I fell in love with Slovenia my first time there three years ago with the help of Adventure Slovenia and their fantastic guides. I returned this past May, and was just as enchanted the second time. We were treated to absolutely stunning accommodations, 5-star food and wine, and guides that gave us more insight into the rich history and culture of the country. I’m already thinking of when I’ll be able to return for a third time, and I will certainly be contacting Adventure Slovenia again!

Caroline G. Calgary, Canada

Slovenia biking trip well exceeded my expectations. Great scenery, great biking and great food. The guides were just wonderful. Made everyone feel like family and always good safety. This is an outstanding outfit.

David L. Florida, USA

My friends and I have travelled to many exotic and beautiful destinations, but our week long culinary trip with Adventure Slovenia was right at the top of the list. From the customization of our trip to include a local festival to the very quick and upbeat response by the staff to the accommodations, food, guides – we could not have asked for more. The world is a big and beautiful place and I tend not to repeat trips too often, but Adventure Slovenia is on my list as a company to go with again and a country to return to soon.

Cathy W. Atlanta, USA

Well…where do I start? Are there enough superlatives to describe this amazing tour company? Run by Jure, a most extraordinarily high energy and outgoing individual with a tangible passion for all things Slovenian, this is a truly outstanding way to get to know this amazingly beautiful country. Jure provides the top personal service and regularly went out of his way to ensure that we were having the best possible time. He coupled us up with guide Bugy, a really insightful, patient and genuinely lovely man with an intimate knowledge for the countryside. Bugy became our trusted host and took great care of us throughout our stay. It was worth every penny and I cannot recommend Adventure Slovenia enough. It was an extraordinarily wonderful way to see this gem of a country.

Andrew M. Sydney, Australia

I fell in love with this country thanks to the great team at Adventure Slovenia. It was the perfect trip tailored for me by Jure. This is the first trip I did not do any research. And I would recommend letting him plan everything from start to finish. It felt like going to visit an old friend and trusting him with showing me a good time. My guide Bine knew the land like the back of his hand. Honestly this resource is invaluable. It also helps that the guys were funny and down to earth. I’ll be back with my friends!!

Phuong C, Texas, USA

The company, Adventure Slovenia, superb in every way. Friendly and knowledgeable guides and driver. A method I use for evaluating a trip/experience is counting the number of times I heard the word “no. I never heard the word “no”. Bikes were ready each morning (including details like requested adjustments, desired PSI in the tires, you name it), along with water and snacks to get you to the picnic lunches. Guides were knowledgeable of the route, area, historic highlights of the area, and even suggested alternate routes if you wanted to ride more. Often, we didn’t see cars for over an hour. This was a trip/experience second to none for me. I haved cycled with other companies in France, Austria, Italy, Croatia to name a few. This is an experience not to be missed.

Geno S. Halifax, Canada