Adventure is something not easily forgotten. It certainly has something to do with embracing your passion for pure living. It is something that takes you away from your daily routine and makes you feel craving for more.

How would it feel like doing nothing else but collecting travel memories?

We know it would feel great!  Let us introduce you to who we are and how exactly can we make you feel good while staying in Slovenia.


We are a group of nature, sports and culinary enthusiasts, who joined their love for traveling within a unique travel agency – Adventure Slovenia.

So to say, we are specialists for organizing trips in Slovenia and nearby around Slovenia, trips are a perfect mixture of sports (suitable for all levels), mouth melting wine and dine experience and overnight stays at boutique hotels.

Life is changing towards tailored made solutions in any field and we can proudly say, we are keen on customizing trips for you to get the special individual trip experience. We would like to talk about your wishes and prepare an itinerary that will blow your mind. Warmly welcome to contact us.


We are committed to seeking out the very best in everything for our guests. Our ultimate goal is to provide our guests an unparalleled experience, outrageously satisfying food and drink and having as much fun as possible while doing sports. Everything we do is driven by passion and every trip is imbued with adventure. We strongly believe that living life to the fullest should be everyone’s ultimate mission.


We  differ from other agencies throughout Slovenia as we provide something for everyone. From city getaway to mountain hiking, from simple but genuine to boutique, high standard living – we offer on of a kind, pristine Slovenian experience!

Designing experience

We create thoughtfully organized trips that leave timeless memories.

Best value for trip packages

With us, guests don’t have to take care of anything else but to enjoy the trip. All meals, drinks and hotel stays are included in the price package.

Trip guides that cover all travel areas and share the insider knowledge

Athletes, culinary experts, photographers, wine experts is just a sampling of Adventure Slovenia guide roster.

Flexible and customized vacation

We help you construct your perfect trip plan and organize all activities on your private wish list.

Authentic trips with group sizes that make you feel like a traveler not a tourist

We take care that our groups are manageable in terms of getting the most out of the travel experience.

Ultimate adventure

No matter if the trip is organised in or outside the city, we make sure the adventure starts from the moment you step in new surrounding.

Top notch sports equipment

If you want the best experience of all the activities, top-notch equipment means a lot. Adventure Slovenia has it.

Unforgettable wine and dine events

We organize trips that include “region hopping” and therefore “best restaurant hopping”. We make sure our guests get the best out of the best in culinary aspect.