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In the natural environment of Slovenia you find tranquility. Surprising natural scenery for all of those that wish participate in active adventure with a variety of mutli adventure activities in the hands of professionals: Mountain biking, whitewater rafting, river kayaking, canyoning, hiking. You can combine them as you desire.

Live life to the fullest on this 7 days double dose deal from Adventure Slovenia to explore the most beautiful and secret places of Slovenia, the hidden gem of Central Europe. From the spectacular rocky limestone peaks to the medieval towns, this ancient country includes castles, vineyards and glistening lakes. Add to the equation a mix of paragliding, hiking, rafting and canyoneering for the full adventure experience!

Trip Highlights
+ Hiking the Julian Alps in Triglav National Park
+ Rafting and canyoning
+ Paragliding
+ Zip-line
+ Culinary experience
+ Cross-country biking
+ Sightseeing
+ Wine extravaganza in Slovene »Tuscany«

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