We are a company with young enthusiastic and hard working people who are well trained to provide small group adventures. We are simply the best company, who offer adventure trips all around Slovenia! All you have to do is choose your adventure, the way you wanted. We’ll bring it to life!

  • Adventure

    Adventure is something not easily forgotten. It certainly has something to do with embracing your passion for pure living. It is something that takes you away from your daily routine and makes you feel craving for more.

  • Memories

    Have you ever imagined how would it feel like doing nothing else but consciously collecting moments that would stay with you infinitely? Our goal is to offer you a trip where you will be able to do just that!

  • Top notch sport equipment

    If you want the best experience of all the activities, top notch equipment means a lot. Adventure Slovenia has it.

  • Unforgettable wine and dine events

    We organize trips that include “region hopping” and therefore “best restaurant hopping”. We make sure our guests get the best out of the best in culinary aspect.

“I travel for three main things. I travel for experiences with food, experiences with nature and people, meeting awesome people around the world. All of those categories Slovenia is ten out of ten. And that was surprising to me. I though it would be a great trip but really the country and this experience over-delivered in each of those categories.”


Ross Borden, CEO of Matador Network

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Biking & Hiking

Slovenia boasts an abundant amount of pristine natural greenery spanning throughout the entire country. At almost every step, there is a natural wonder waiting to be discovered. Due to its unspoiled landscape, hiking and biking is one of the most popular outdoor activities in all of Slovenia.

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In the natural environment of Slovenia you find tranquility. Surprising natural scenery for all of those that wish participate in active adventure with a variety of mutli adventure activities in the hands of professionals: Mountain biking, whitewater rafting, river kayaking, canyoning, hiking. You can combine them as you desire.

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Two words to sum up Slovenia? Great. Food. Eating isn’t just a part of the daily grind here—it’s a full-on art form. Stand beside the masters in their kitchens, farms and wineries and learn the inns, outs and flavours of the region’s knockout delights.

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Why not spoil yourself with a luxury, VIP all-inclusive adventure to the most beautiful parts of Slovenia. All adventures are in private with a permanent local top notch guide and is an all-inclusive package with lunch and dinner at the best restaurants in Slovenia. From luxurious 5 star hotels to the most beautifully located establishments available, enjoy this marvellous country in style!

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Want to try something new for your next trip? Push your family out of their collective comfort. Discover colourful and unique parts of Slovenia and create long-lasting memories on our family adventure holidays. Experience local life, spot wildlife and take part in exciting activities whilst the parents relax with all of the logistics taken care of by a local explore Leader.

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Adventure Slovenia welcomes a diverse range of corporate groups for day adventures, weekend stays and mini breaks. Our adventure programs are extremely flexible and focus on participation, developing self-confidence team work and can be tailored around your activity choices or desired outcomes.

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Fly Fishing

Fly fishing in Slovenia will have you begging to come back, and to do it all over again. Not only will you be able to see and catch marble trout and grayling, but you’ll also experience the outdoors like you’ve never had. Fly fishing in Slovenia is easily available so leave us with planning your next fly-fishing adventure in Slovenia.

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Beyond Slovenia

We are the travel expert to travel with even beyond Slovenian borders. Let’s discover Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia together. Trust us with your dream vacation wish list and let us transform your ideas into a personalized itinerary you will never forget!

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Sprawling blankets of snow, unlimited terrain to explore and an undeniable spirit of adventure make Slovenia a genuine winter wonderland. With an endless variety of activities, there’s something to suit everyone, from the casual explorer to the seasoned thrill-seeker.

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Life is one big adventure. Fact.
Life is made of moments. Fact.

  • All inclusive

    Adventure Slovenia includes more on our trips than any other major travel agency in Slovenia. With us, guests don’t have to take care of anything else but to enjoy the trip. All meals, drinks and hotel stays are included in the price package.

  • Flexible

    Want to have a trip that suits only your taste? Or you only wish to have more flexible timetable during your stay with us? No problem, we help you construct your perfect trip plan and organize all activities on your private wish list.

  • Different

    We  differ from other agencies throughout Slovenia as we provide something for everyone. From city getaway to mountain hiking, from simple but genuine to boutique, high standard living – we offer on of a kind, pristine Slovenian experience!

  • Authentic

    Experiencing authentic, local culture is not so easy when it comes to a very big group of guests. We take care that our groups are manageable in terms of getting the most out of the travel experience.


will leave you deeply in love with its lakes, food, wine and history!


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We are committed to seeking out the very best in everything for our guests. Our ultimate goal is to provide our guests an unparalleled experience, outrageously satisfying food and drink and having as much fun as possible while doing sports. Everything we do is driven by passion and every trip is imbued with adventure. We strongly believe that living life to the fullest should be everyone’s ultimate mission.