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Beyond Slovenia

Beyond Slovenia

We are the travel expert to travel with even beyond Slovenian borders. Let’s discover Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia together. Trust us with your dream vacation wish list and let us transform your ideas into a personalized itinerary you will never forget!

We understand that your adventure can take many different routes. From ancient cities and breathtaking beaches to epic waterfalls and majestic mountains, we’ve selected the best places in 4 countries for the ultimate travel bucket list experience. Browse our Places-to-see-before-you-die and see how many you can tick off your list. Let us help with arranging a relaxing week of sailing in the Croatian sea; a stay with a Macedonian family; hiking in Istria; wildlife viewing in Montenegro; a historic visit of Dubrovnik City and many other sights in the Balkans. Make the most of your holidays and visit the best ones.

Trip Highlights
+ Truffle hunting in Istra, Croatia
+ Plitvice Lakes and Krka waterfalls
+ Dubrovnik City
+ Lake Ohrid in Macedonia
+ Ancient ruins in Macedonia
+ Homestay in Macedonia and cooking classes with Zoran
+ Bay of Kotor, Montenegro
+ Hiking the Mount Durmitor, a national park under UNESCO protection!

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