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Biking & Hiking

Biking & Hiking

Slovenia boasts an abundant amount of pristine natural greenery spanning throughout the entire country. At almost every step, there is a natural wonder waiting to be discovered. Due to its unspoiled landscape, hiking and biking is one of the most popular outdoor activities in all of Slovenia.

Wander through undisturbed mountain villages and alpine lakes on a Slovenia Bike and Hike. Explore dense forests and cycle over quiet, shaded roads. Thrill at a rafting trip down the crystal-clear Soča River. Be the first of your friends to discover the gem that is Slovenia on a cycling or hiking trip through this untouched wonder, marvelling at its mountain views and turquoise rivers, reminiscent of Italy, Switzerland, and Austria all at once. Cycle or Hike through the wine country of Goriška Brda, tasting its impeccable offerings, and meet the wonderful cheese makers of Drežniške Ravne. Complete restoration awaits us at regal accommodations nestled away in the mountains and vineyards.

Trip Highlights
+ Hiking Julian Alps
+ Pristine rivers and lakes
+ Single trail MTB above Soča Valley
+ Hiking from hut to hut
+ Top notch mountain guides
+ Traditional Slovenian mountain food

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